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About me

Who is Ozan YAĞCI?

My name is Ozan YAĞCI. I was born on October 6, 1975 in Mardin.


Then we moved to Iskenderun. I spent my childhood in Iskenderun until high school. I experienced all the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in a small town on the south coast.

I spent 15 years in Iskenderun, full of good friendships and experiences.


After graduating from high school at Koç Private High School in Istanbul, I studied Mathematics Engineering at ITU, and then did an Executive MBA on “E-Business” (as it was called at the time) at Yeditepe University.


I have 2 children named Tuna and Ali.


I play music whenever my time allows. MARAWe have a group called  . In March 2017, we released our 2nd album named “This Life is Yours” from our own record label . From hereYou can listen to  .



My first professional work experience was Koçbank.


I started as a "Business Analyst" in IT. Writing code was not for me. When I wanted to be in IT, not writing code, and interacting with different people & departments, I came across a business analyst position.

I was doing a job that I wanted and loved.


I was working hard but I was very happy. We were learning something new every day and achieving something new as a team.


Connecting to the Internet with Dial Up modems, Gopher service, Netscape, Altavista, MIRC, ICQ era and the bubble, I was constantly following the developments related to the Internet and researching how to improve banking services.


E-commerce was also new in America at that time. It wasn't even in its infancy with us. A few mixed catalog sites such as Webdenal and acted as engines, while there were some minor players.


I also wanted to try e-commerce. I had no money to invest, except for the limit on my credit card. Influenced by trends and startups in America, I decided to sell fresh flowers online by meeting with the florist on the corner of my house. My first venture was called "".

I've had 7 attempts so far.

As of 2022, my responsibilities regarding Apex DX & Veri Cloud continue.





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